Jorrit Tamminga studied Music & Technology at the Utrecht School of the Arts and at the Institute of Sonology at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. During both studies he focused on electronic composition, live electronics, spatialization and sound synthesis.

His work sounds regularly in different settings all over the globe: in concert halls and venues (Madrid, Amsterdam, Berlin, Istanbul, Venice), festivals (Huddersfield, Murcia, Zürich, Stavanger), churches (Mechelen, Utrecht, Antwerp), on the streets, in factories (Goes, Twente) and from towers (New York, Kaunas, Almere).

Tamminga teaches composition electronic music at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and sound design at Music & Technology.

He composed works for speakers only (Barst), string quartet and live electronics (Zephyr Quartet-Powerchords), ensemble (Nieuw Amsterdams PeilCumulonimbus), saxophone and live electronics (Rosa EnsembleKlep Dicht!), carillon and soundtrack (Inside OutWaterslag) and gamelan and live electronics (Ensemble Gending-Tijdverspilling).

In 2007 he received a commission to write an electronic composition for Erik Bosgraaf for the opening of the Festival Oude Muziek.

In 2010 he composed the music for JANE, a new multimedia music theater piece with Izhar EliasErik BosgraafPaul en Menno de Nooijer. With the same team he made the music theater performance Half the Horizon.

Tamminga programmed live electronics for several music productions such as Void (Muziektheater Transparant), Faust (theatregroup Artery with the Nederlands Kamerkoor) and The Seven Chakras and Nada Brahma, compositions by Wim Henderickx. Also for Peter Adriaansz Jorrit programmed electronic sounds.